Let SLM® be your digital twin

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Blog, Blog News, Functional Safety, Process Safety

Digital twins are powerful virtual representations to drive innovation and performance. Imagine it as a digital replica of your most talented product technicians with the most advanced monitoring, analytical, and predictive capabilities at their fingertips. It is estimated that companies who invest in digital twin technology will see a 30 percent improvement in cycle times of critical processes.

A digital twin captures a virtual model of an organization and helps accelerate strategy. This could be in products, operations, services, and can even help drive the innovation of new business. The model can identify elements that are hindering or enabling strategy execution and suggests specific recommendations based on embedded pattern recognition. Digital twin technology is used to collect more dots and connect them faster, so you can drive to better solutions with more confidence.



Today’s organizations are complex, evolving systems, built on the collective ambitions and talents of real people operating in a dynamic culture. The world is increasingly defined by data and machine learning, however, there is no simple way to measure human motivation or clear-cut formula for building an effective future.

In a nutshell a digital twin is a tool that can be used to analyze your business to identify potential concerns in any area, and show you how those issues link together. Armed with that information, you can build solutions immediately and overcome the most important obstacles – all before they happen. Get in touch and let our Safety LIfecycle Management tools manage your digital needs.