Mangan Software Services

Mangan Software Services

For the past six years, MSS engineers have worked side by side with our clients using SLM v2 to help them tackle the demands that Process Safety and SIS Lifecycle Management have on their organizations. We know the issues our clients face both from an engineering, compliance and risk management standpoint, and have developed proprietary software products to help our clients overcome these challenges. The combination of our products, implementation and SLM services offers organizations the ability to meet their objectives faster and more efficiently.

Improved Information Management Capabilities

Today’s systems have the potential to generate an overwhelming quantity of data. Our solutions streamline process safety information management. We help you create a manageable repository for maintaining your data and documentation, giving you quick access to the information you need.

Automate Engineering Processes

Compliance with process safety standards and the resulting engineering practices can seem insurmountable. Standardized workflows within our solutions give your business the ability to easily meet requirements, reduce costs, protect your assets and avoid any potential regulatory actions.

Build Flexible and Configurable Solutions

Our clients have spent a lot of money establishing engineering and technical practices and standards. Why should they have to spend money rewriting standards and retraining their engineers simply because they purchased new software? One of our many differentiators is our ability to quickly configure our solutions and workflows to your established engineering standards and processes, not vice versa.

Implementation Services

Data Migration Services

Integration Services

Business Intelligence Group (BiG)

MSS’ Business Intelligence Group (BiG) provides enterprise data integration, middleware systems development and technology consultation services. These business intelligence services allow for seamless integration of MSS’ products within our customer’s enterprise IT ecosystems. We accomplish this by leveraging our 15 year history developing software for, and working within, industrial and enterprise information systems.

The BiG Process

MSS’ BiG follows a proven execution process that ensures on-time and cost-effective solutions for our clients. This process is strictly followed to ensure that our customers’ requirements and final solution are always aligned, and validated through each step of our process. The process is based on the standard ISO/IEC 12207 software lifecycle process. We begin with a rigorous requirements analysis. This analysis takes into account our customer’s initial requirements, specifications, risks and final end product or service definition, which we use to measure our final success.

We then formalize all requirements into a single project or service scoping document that is used to govern the process. We complete the design and verification phase, which may include: additional user approved documentation, methodologies for data movement and exchange or systems architecture layout and topology.

Once we have formalized the approved documentation, specification and design, the BiG assembles an industry and technology specific team to develop the desired solution. We validate the solution using unit test validation and technology specific best practices. After the system has been developed and tested, the BiG performs a complete customer validation against the defined requirements to ensure that the system meets our customer’s needs, and is ready for deployment.

BiG Services

  • Business Information Systems Integration Services (SAP, Oracle, Maximo, Dynamics, PeopleSoft, IBM/Lotus)
  • Data Import and Export Adapters (SQL, Historian, ODBC)
  • Migration Services and Application Data Forwarding (Middleware)
  • Data Analysis and Analytics
  • Reporting and KPI Generation (Crystal, SSRS, BI)
  • Application Enhancements for Business Process or Workflow
  • IT Infrastructure Consultation and Configuration Services
  • Process Information Management System (PIMS) Consulting and Implementation
  • Asset Management and Reporting System Design and Implementation
  • Software Enhancements and Software Configuration

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