Mangan Software Solutions releases SLM™ Version 2.5s13

by | Jun 4, 2024 | Blog

June 4, 2024
Mangan Software Solutions releases SLM™ Version 2.5s13

Sprint 2.5s13 Video Release Notes


In our latest software development sprint, we made several key enhancements to the SLM system, focusing on improving functionality and user experience. We enhanced the FSA object residency to be children of the Site object, allowing Unit and SIS objects to be associated with the FSA object using relational fields, thus improving data organization and accessibility. Additionally, we upgraded the FSA ‘stage’ management from a single-select dropdown to a multi-select field. This upgrade enables relevant checklists to be displayed in the Self Assessment, FSA Checklist, and FSA Final Report based on selected stages, and users can now edit the Stage field of the FSA object post-creation.


We also made significant improvements to the Cause and Effect Matrix, enabling multiple editing of intersections simultaneously, which greatly enhances the user experience for our clients. The Response Time Measured was updated to link to the latest event with a valve response time, ensuring more accurate and relevant data tracking. Additionally, in response to client feedback, we modified the SIL Target to be “Not Required (N/R)” instead of “Not Applicable (N/A)” when the RRF value is less than 10.


Further, we addressed a customer improvement request by consolidating the input and output boolean Severe Service Cat fields into a single multi-select combo box dropdown. This change simplifies data entry and selection for users, providing a more intuitive interface and streamlining the overall process. Lastly, as part of our ongoing effort to migrate SSRS reports to Chromium Printout, we successfully ported the FSA SSRS Final Report. This transition ensures better compatibility and improved print quality for our reports.


At Mangan Software Solutions, we’re committed to excellence through agility. Our Agile software development process empowers us to rapidly enhance our products with new features and refinements that our valued customers need and request.  Our development sprints roll out new versions every month, continually evolving our software to meet our customers’ needs.