Why SLM®? What are the benefits?

Here are some of our Client Responses…

  • With SLM® you can identify optimum test intervals based on test history and trend analysis.
  • Gain more efficient data management and a reduction in conventional data storage methods such as Spreadsheets, Access databases, Historians and
    in house tools.
  • With SLM® you can identify future failings and certify devices as proven-in-use
  • Demonstrate asset integrity and accountability in line with IEC 61511 and government regulations.
  • Have KPIs and reports at your fingertips.  These reports can additionally be exported and or delivered to management and management groups.

Process Safety professionals are increasingly finding value in utilizing SLM®.  On average, industry leaders enjoy these benefits:

  • 74% Reduction in functional safety man hours
  • 50% Earlier (SIF) Design
  • 80% Less time to complete the SRS
  • 3K  Man hours saved during  engineered design 

See Safety Lifecycle Manager® in Action!

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