Hosting and Cloud Services

SLM-Cloud is a hosting and managed service offering for clients that utilize Mangan Software Solutions, but may not have the IT infrastructure, technical personnel or desire to operate our software solutions in-house or on-premises.

SLM-Cloud is a comprehensive service offering that provides data center infrastructure, hosting, and managed services. This offering allows clients to utilize Mangan Software products in a secure, hosted environment over the internet or tunneled to an internal network. Under this software delivery model, Mangan Software Solutions provides the data center, hardware, network, software, and IT services to maintain the infrastructure and Mangan Software applications on behalf of Mangan’s clients. This software delivery model offers an alternative option to the traditional on-premises software delivery model.


SLM-Cloud’s managed services offering can provide significant financial and operational benefits including:

  • Allows safety and compliance teams to focus on running projects or audits (not IT infrastructure)
  • Flexibility to select from a range of delivery and operating models to support Mangan Software Applications
  • Minimizes upfront capital expense to establish IT infrastructure (hardware, supporting software, network, redundancy, facilities, etc.)
  • Reduces ongoing operating expenses associated with support and maintenance of IT infrastructure
  • Lessens demand on internal IT resources – less IT Charge Back
  • Alleviates complexity to support applications
  • Limits need for specific supporting expertise on underlying technology
  • Easily and quickly scalable to support business growth
  • Accommodates changing business requirements
  • Provides comprehensive backup and recovery for business continuity
  • Predictable cost structure
  • Supports (SSAE16, ISO27001) compliance.

How SLM-Cloud Works

SLM-Cloud allows our clients to use our flagship safety lifecycle management software SLM, in a secure, hosted environment over the internet. Mangan Software Solutions provides the data center, hardware, network, software, and IT services to maintain the infrastructure and SLM software applications on behalf of each client. SLM-Cloud clients can implement specific software versions, select maintenance and availability timeframes, and choose client-specific configurations.

This type of software delivery model is commonly referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). SLM-Cloud however, offers the added benefit of client-specific flexibility and support. As a result, SLM-Cloud clients gain the many benefits of the SaaS/IaaS models, while at the same time obtaining functionality that is configured in a manner fit-for-purpose for their specific business processes.

Tier 1: Small SLM-Cloud Hosting
Tier 1 Small SLM-Cloud Hosting is a low cost solution to hosting single site instances. This solution is a cost effective solution, and provides the same hardware and IT support as the higher tier of services. Mangan Software Solutions uses this platform as its staging and build out platform for SLM Implementations. This is a (shared) hardware platform.

Tier 2: Medium SLM-Cloud Hosting
Tier 2 Medium SLM-Cloud Hosting provides a mid-level enterprise application experience while reducing the cost of multi-server maintenance and overhead while upgrading the service to a dedicated hosting platform. This level of service is recommended for customers have between 1 to 3 sites within a geographic region and will require a large database storage capacity and object memory.

Tier 3: Large SLM-Cloud Hosting
Tier 3 Large SLM-Cloud Hosting provides a fully enterprise ready application platform which includes multi-environment staging (Dev, QA, Prod) for fast application and operating environment upgrades. This service level is recommended for our customers that wish to add custom application integration or development as part of their SLM services. This service can be load balanced across multi-site geo-locations, which provides a seamless experience across a diverse enterprise landscape.

Tier 4: XLarge SLM-Cloud Hosting
Tier 4 XLarge SLM-Cloud Hosting provides a massive SQL Data memory infrastructure as well as 1TB of data throughput. Tier 4 is also fully enterprise ready and includes multi-environment staging for fast application and operating environment upgrades. Mangan Software Solutions can also load balance this tier of service for geo-location and replication of data across multiple data servers.

SLM Cloud Management Services

SLM-Cloud IT Management Services are included in all of our hosting Tiers. These services represent a minimum ¼ FTE IT Support Professional, SLM Application Developer/Systems Engineer for each hosted instance. SLM-Cloud IT Management Services provides our SLM customers with the highest level of specialized Application and Hardware support services specifically focused on delivering our industry leading Safety Lifecycle Management system without the IT Management overhead or Training.

Hardware Support Services

  • Hardware Virtualization Management
  • Hardware Image Retention and Snapshot Backup
  • Hardware Performance Optimization
  • Hardware Monitoring and Redundant Network
  • Interface Management
  • Quarterly Hardware Performance Assessment

Network Support Services

  • Network Infrastructure including Firewall and
  • VPN Tunnel Management
  • 3rd Party HP Fortify Network and Application Security Scans
  • Network Uptime Monitoring and Metrics
  • Network Throughput Metrics Reporting

Software Environment Support Services

  • Microsoft Windows Update and Monthly Operating System Patching
  • Microsoft Windows Operating System Support
  • Microsoft SQL Server Update and Patching and Support
  • Microsoft Windows User CAL Licensing
  • Microsoft SQL Server User CAL Licensing
  • Operating System OS Snapshots and Backups

SLM Application Support Services

  • Application Installation Services
  • Database Optimization
  • Application Code and Configuration Backups
  • Multi-Environment Instance Management (Dev, QA, Prod)
  • Database Backup and Retention
    • Daily Backup
    • Weekly Backup
    • Monthly Backup
  • Data Recovery Services and Data Management
  • Downtime Management and Communication during off Peak Hours
  • Data Replication and Merge across Geo-located server infrastructure

Mangan Inc. is committed to maintaining a secure and stable hosting environment to protect the integrity and confidentiality of our hosting environment. SLM-Cloud controls include operations and policies addressing: system availability, physical security, logical security measures, access management, change management, integrity, and security.

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