Mangan Software Introduces SLM v2

The next evolution in our award winning PSM and SIS Lifecycle Management software. With over 200+ new features, enhancements, and platform technology improvements and updates.  


Dynamic report filtering, grouping and sorting allowing for deep data inspection in data tables, charts and graphs. Export any data object or report to Excel or PDF, to allow for additional manipulation, discussion, dissemination, presentation, and review.


User configurable dashboards for each application module giving users the ability to put what’s important to them up front.

Optimised for the Cloud

SLM v2 is optimised for fast cloud management of your process and functional safety data.  Designed for user and geographic cloud scaling for multi-site distributed deployments.


4x Overall performance increase, and reduction in data load and processing time.  End-to-End Application Core performance tuning and compression used to speed delivery of data.

See what you’ve been missing.

SLM V2 includes new visual design tools which allow users to visualize Safety Instrumented Functions, Bow Tie and Barrier Assurance Diagrams and visually represent their Functional Safety Plan in a graphical layout.  In addition, our all new Charting, Grid and Dynamic Reporting UI provides a seamless experience on Tablet or Desktop.

When just being Safe is never Enough

Process Safety and Functional Safety is more than just hardware, software, testing and metrics. Taking a holistic approach and instilling a culture of safety requires a complete end-to-end system that can manage from Initial Hazard Analisys to the final Operations & Maintenance. SLM V2 is the only enterprise platform proven to bring together all aspects of the Safety Lifecycle.

Lead your organization with metrics…

SLM V2 helps our customers to deploy industry leading Safety KPI’s and Metrics, SLM V2 includes Leading SIS Tier III Metrics (API-RP-754) to gauge your organizations adherence to safety systems management protocols as well as taking a proactive approach to safety.

  • SIS Testing performance based on planned and actual tests

  • Track upcoming and overdue tests, and notify management for compliance

  • Synchronize next test date and results with CMMS and ERP systems.
    (SAP, Maximo, Oracle JDE)

  • KPIs and Notifications of Safety function(s) that have been bypassed or disabled for accumulated periods.

  • Track overall availability percentage of IPLs

  • As Found/As Left Failure Analysis

  • Identify number of SIS tests that failed per month, per unit, per site

  • Track SIS activated (success/failed) in high severity scenarios

  • Compare actual spurious trip rate to required spurious trip rate

  • Visualize a summary of Tier III Metrics for Enterprise or Site level reporting

Don't keep your data in the dark

We know that an organizations data is one of their most important assets.  An information management system should not limit what you put in or the data fields that are managed.  SLM V2 allows organizations to configure our system to manage all their data and information in one comprehensive platform.

Built-in Reports and Templates

Advanced Reporting and Data Templates

With over 150+ Reporting and Data Visualization Templates that our customers can extend or configure for their needs. SLM V2 has the ability to help you stay on track and manage the safety lifecycle without the overhead.  In addition SLM V2 supports industry standard reporting frameworks like SQL Server Reporting Services to customize reports and data output for any organizational need.

Our Customers

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