JOB TITLE: Software Engineer

Our Software Engineers are the backbone of a dynamic product development organization. They continually enhance our product offerings and provide unique and innovative solutions for our clients. Software Engineers work closely with safety lifecycle management experts and Process Engineers to develop new features and products, support existing applications and code, perform testing and QA activities and provide research and prototypes for new technologies. Duties will include maintaining and supporting production web applications for the company and our clients. Developers are expected to conduct their work with minimal guidance and to have a proactive and resourceful approach when solving problems.


  • Application support: bug fixes, updates to existing application code
  • New application and feature development based on specifications
  • Platform enhancements and support
  • 3rd party software integration and interfacing
  • Report development
  • Code and feature testing, QA activities
  • Support and develop deployment, conversion and maintenance tools
  • Conduct research and prototyping activities


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities, work accurately, work under pressure and respond quickly to tight deadlines
  • Positive attitude and self-starter mentality
  • Execution and results oriented
  • Functions effectively as a team player


  • REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Potential Candidates should be able to show 1-5 years’ experience in two or more of the following criteria:
    • PHP and Web Technology Development (CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5)
    • Demonstrable MVC Pattern Experience
    • Experience with MVC Frameworks (CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony)
    • Experience with Web UI Frameworks (JQuery, AngularJS, DoJo)
    • Experience with Systems Administration (Windows, Linux)
    • Experience with Database Development and Optimization (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL)
    • Experience with Cloud Infrastructure Environments (Amazon EC3, Azure, VMWare)
    • Experience with ERP Server Integration or Systems Integration Tools (SSIS, SAP BI, PeopleSoft)
    • Experience with the CodeIgniter MVC framework
    • Experience working with SQL Server and MySQL database systems
    • Minimum 3-5 years’ work experience developing enterprise software solutions in .NET
    • Experience with SAP and their set of integration APIs
    • Experience in Database Optimization
    • Experience deploying and managing Windows Server based infrastructure
    • Experience integrating with process control systems (OPC-DA, OPC A&E, OPC-UA)

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