A strategic partnership has been formed between AsInt, Inc. (AsInt) and Mangan Software Solutions (MSS). This relationship allows AsInt to deliver Mangan’s Safety Lifecycle Manager (SLM®) and subject matter expertise around Process, Functional, and Asset Safety Management as part of the SAP Master. AsInt’s Asset Integrityrelated apps will now include the business logic of Safety Lifecycle Manager (SLM®) developed by MSS to provide a single master data-driven dataset in the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). This approach removes data silos and points applications for the end users IT ecosystem, allowing operators to not only take advantage of cloud technologies within SAP but also, at the same time, provide a scalable enterprise approach to missioncritical data and information.

SLM® is known for providing comprehensive applications for handling the entire Safety Lifecycle end to end, covering analysis, detailed design & engineering, as well as safety performance monitoring and analytics. AsInt has established a strong presence providing Asset Integrity Apps, such as Thickness Management, Inspections, Risk Based Inspection, HCA, PHA, Etc., as native SAP Master Data-driven apps. This strategic relationship will allow
AsInt to deliver Mangan’s SLM® technology within the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Combining this functionality with the core EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) capabilities of SAP will be the final step in providing a consolidated APM (Asset Performance Management) and EAM option for customers.

“MSS and AsInt are very excited to be able to introduce the discipline of Safety Lifecycle Management to the global SAP user base,” Steve Whiteside, President of Mangan Software, said. “Using MSS’s already proven SLM technology, both existing and future SAP customers will now have access to the highest standards of a process and functional safety solutions.”

Rohan Patel, Founder & CEO AsInt, Inc., stated, “By partnering with Mangan Software Solutions, AsInt can now offer a wide range of SAP customers access to Mangan’s award-winning flagship product, Safety Lifecycle Manager (SLM®), as an embedded solution and process in SAP. This is expected to enhance existing AsInt solutions and open new applications in various industries. We view Safety Lifecycle Management as an excellent addition to our growing SAP ecosystem.”

About AsInt:
AsInt is changing how people develop and deploy software for cross industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, specialty chemical, railways, dairy, food & beverages, and Packaging. Our goal is to create a full suite of applications that meet a range of asset integrity needs regardless of your platform. But also making the software accessible via App stores and fit for purpose ease of use software. The solutions on the market today have begun to shift their focus to things like IIOT, big data, and analytics, leaving their core user base to try and implement basic workflow-supporting functionality. AsInt is renewing the focus of software on functionality and usability, committed to closing the gaps that many end users have been talking about for years. These apps
focus on resources, reduce the cost of ownership, increase availability, and ensure the safe operations of the physical asset.

About MSS:
MSS, the leading independent supplier of enterprise-wide Safety Lifecycle Management software, was named the #1 Global Supplier in the ARC Advisory Group’s 2019 Process Safety Lifecycle Management Global Market Report for its award-winning product, Safety Lifecycle Manager (SLM®). MSS’s core business is enabling their client base to digitalize the engineering disciplines of Process and Functional Safety engineering and asset integrity, leveraging the technology in its proprietary technology platform SLM. They offer a wide array of complementary solutions to support the SLM product’s implementation, hosting, and integration.