During the 2015 Intergraph HxGN Global Technical User Conference (GTUF), Mangan Software Solutions’ (MSS) Louis Trujillo discussed the significance of data quality validation during project merges. The presentation outlined how Fluor Engineering utilizes MSS’ automated SmartPlant® Instrumentation (SPI) validation software tool, SPInspector™, to safeguard the accuracy of engineering data on its Sasol project. GTUF stakeholders were able to see firsthand the practical application and strategic efficiency’s gained when SPInspector™ is actively deployed as a data quality tool on a large-scale, multi-EPC project.

MSS spoke with engineers specializing in the use of SPI on the value of a software approach to database inspection audits. By integrating an automated, pre-packaged tool into their validation process, companies’ like Fluor have experienced improved audit efficiency and accuracy, as well as uniform inspections aligning with company standards. Originally designed to validate the SPI databases of seven US sites for a client involved in a major acquisition, SPInspector™ has emerged as a software solution utilizing industry best practice queries to report SPI audit results.

Combining Mangan, Inc.’s SPI expertise with MSS’ customized software interface, SPInspector™ provides actionable audit results with impact analysis and remediation recommendations. The tool’s ability to clearly identify fragmented data and claim/merge anomalies have made it the SPI database validation tool of choice for the Sasol hosted environment project.

“When working on projects in dynamic environments, validating data is key to everyone’s success. We developed SPInspector™ to identify discrepancies in our client’s databases to ensure that instrumentation and control data is in sync with their plant. The goal is to help our clients avoid costly issues from incomplete and inaccurate data by detecting issues early on in the project. Presenting at the GTUF gave us a unique platform to discuss how our tool is being utilized by clients, like Fluor. The ability to meet and exchange ideas with everyone in attendance will lead to future updates to the application,” said Louis Trujillo, SPInspector™ Business Unit Lead of MSS.

Attendees were interested in the tool’s capability to configure from a single-user desk application to a multi-user cloud-based platform that an entire organization could work in. At Sasol, SPInspector™ was deployed to a hosted environment to ensure that Fluor and its contractors could access and retain unique user profiles and benefit from the common custom queries being used across multiple departments and organizations.

“SPInspector™ is a valuable tool maintaining the health of an SPI database; especially when coordinating with 3rd parties,” said Ron Jackson, Senior Software Applications Specialist of Control Systems, SmartPlant® Instrumentation SME at Fluor.