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Houston, TX // March 7, 2018 –

Tech News:
Mangan Software Solutions Mangan Software Solutions (MSS) releases its latest version (1.7) of SPInspector

Houston, TX // March 7, 2018

The newest version is packed full of features and new inspections to help keep your SPI Database running efficiently.
SPInspector is our powerful, automated data quality software engineered to collaboratively work with SmartPlant Instrumentation. SPInspector is designed by Mangan Engineering’s in-house SPI Subject Matter Expert (SME) Nezar Faitouri and marries technology with industry best- practice approaches to ensure your SPI database is in sync with your facility. SPInspector will standardize, organize, and streamline your inspection protocol to protect your SPI investment.

“SPInspector v1.7 is the culmination of project work completed over the past 2 years working on SPI data improvement projects for Mangan Inc. customers across the Petrochemical industrial landscape. We’ve asked our customers what features they most need in our toolset and delivered on that promise. We’ve updated and included 70+ new inspections that to ensure data quality and insights into SPI Projects. SPInspector version 1.7 is now able to give our customers an in depth look at the quality and reliability of their SPI data, and we are proud to be able to service and assist them to ensure their data is accurate.” – Jeremy Lucas CTO Mangan Software Solutions

SPInspector was created by our engineers as an empowerment tool designed to provide SPI users a full, real-time assessment of the SPI database. Our system enables complete data accuracy, thereby improving production by identifying problems early-on and minimizing their impact. SPInspector’s Features and Benefits include: Data validation, view project status, protect 3rd party interfaces, targeted inspections, database synchronization, scaled result files, and scheduled inspection runs.

ABOUT Mangan Software Solutions: MSS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mangan, Inc. that leverages technology and software services to standardize and automate business processes for the energy industry. Based out of Houston, with offices in Atlanta and London, MSS’ engineers and developers are experts in the fields of Safety Lifecycle Management and Safety Instrumented Systems and deploy their industry best practice flagship SLM v2 platform suite to industries that require reliable high-performance automation solutions. For further information, visit