SAP SLM Equipment Synchronization

Mangan Software Solutions has developed an open interface to our SLM Software platform that allows external systems to query as well as transfer data for use in SLM. This interface is called SLM-API. The SLM- API is a RESTful Web Service that exposes SLM Data Objects to external systems and provides delivery mechanisms for external systems to transfer and synchronize data to SLM for integration with our SLM software platform.

SAP Equipment Synchronization

We are often asked to provide a means of synchronizing “Equipment” or “Device Assets” that exist within an ERP or CMMS with Equipment and Device Objects in SLM. To accomplish this the SLM-API exposes a series of endpoints to allow the transfer of equipment to SLM and provide a reference back to the unique object keys in SLM that have been generated for the data transferred. These unique object keys can then be associated in the ERP, so that any future update to that object or data associated with that object can now reference the same object in SLM for updates or other associated data transfers like equipment or device events.


The Data Flow for this use case is initiated at the ERP in this case “SAP”. Within SAP a User is prompted to select the SAP Plant and identify SLM transfer type of “sap_equipment”. Once this is selected a list of equipment is presented to the user in SAP to synchronize with SLM. The user selects the equipment to synchronize and initiates the transfer of data between SAP and SLM. When the transfer is complete the equipment display will show the equipment as well as the SLM unique object id that will be used for any synchronization in the future. After Equipment data has been transferred to SLM the user will need to identify which SLM Site, Unit, Area this equipment should be imported to. The unique “ERP id” that represents a unique asset in SAP is retained when the Equipment is added in SLM for any future data synchronization back to SAP.


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Download the Files and Documentation

We have prepared the SAP BAPI Source Code and Installation and use Documentation for our SLM customers to use as and example to further integrate their systems with SAP and the SLM-API.  

Mangan Software SAP Equipment Integration with SLM using SLM-API v1.2.pdf

SAPApp (BAPI Source Code)

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