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M – F (8am – 5pm) London UK GMT 00:00

M – F (8am – 5pm) Houston USA GMT -06:00

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Click the “Contact User Support” button in the lower right corner of your software.


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Customer Support Process:

Mangan Software Solutions provides robust customer support for our software products.  This centers around our customer support center operations.

  • All support requests are managed in our support tracking system.
  • Customer support representatives and technical experts are assigned to each support ticket based on the type of request.
  • Support tickets are updated with customer responses and requests to document and manage the support lifecycle.

Mangan Software Support Metrics

  • Application Support Expected Time for Application Support Turnaround, 4 Hour MTR
  • Infrastructure Support Expected Time for Infrastructure Support Turnaround, 8 Hour MTR
  • Data Recovery Support Expected Time for Data Recovery Support Turnaround, 16 Hour MTR